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Introducing: The Lumistry Platform. Learn more here!

Introducing: The Lumistry Platform. Learn more here!


24/7 refills and enhanced patient care

24/7 refills and enhanced patient care

Stand out from the competition with a custom-branded mobile app that unlocks a Digital Counter™ for patients and simplifies communication.

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pharmacy mobile app for patients

Give them the convenient features found in a big-box pharmacy app, but with the personalized care only a community pharmacy can provide.

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Prescription management

Empower patients with self-service medication features that promote adherence.

Patients can submit refill requests, receive pickup/refill reminders, view educational content related to their prescriptions, and view their order history with just a few clicks.

Secure Chat

Answer questions about medications, pharmacy services, billing, and more securely through the app using Secure Chat. Patients get the information they need quickly, and pharmacists don’t have to spend any more time on the phone than necessary – it’s a win-win!

By using their phone’s camera, patients can also attach images of prescription barcodes and insurance cards, giving your pharmacy team the information they need to accurately and efficiently fulfill order requests.

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appointment scheduling

Appointment scheduling

Increase revenue by empowering patients to learn more about the clinical services your pharmacy offers and book a time that works best for their schedule.

If they need to make changes to their appointment, they can edit or cancel right from within the app — no phone call to the pharmacy required!

Family care coordination

Enable users to manage care for others using the People Under My Care functionality. Particularly popular for parents or nurses and other caregivers with multiple patients to support, this feature enables users to refill prescriptions and manage appointment details for those under their care.

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What patients are saying

Check out real reviews from real patients using (and loving!) their pharmacy’s
custom-branded mobile app.

“Being able to message my store with questions is really convenient. My husband often picks up my medications for me and if I forget to have him confirm the details, I can just reach out to the pharmacist from the app without having to call during my work hours. Thank you for this feature!”

“Thank you for providing the medication videos for my prescriptions. Was going to reach out to my pharmacist in the morning with a couple of questions but the video answered all of them.”

“Being able to manage both myself as well as my kids is really helpful… between the three of them we have a lot of required vaccinations, so being able to do it on my phone and get reminders helps us stay on schedule for school and sports.”

Personalized patient care at the palm of their hand.

Empower your patients to engage with your pharmacy at a time that’s convenient for them while reducing interruptions – allowing your pharmacy team to focus on clinical care and the health of your community.

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